Stump Removal

Once you’ve had a tree removed you may want to consider having your tree stump removed. We are equipped with stump grinders to handle all sizes of tree stumps.


Stump removal services start with an assessment of the stump, considering its size, type, and proximity to structures or utilities, to determine the most effective removal strategy. Removal of the stump is typically done through stump grinding, a process that shreds the stump into wood chips using specialized machinery.

Soil Preparation

Our team will take care of soil preparation, adding topsoil or amendments to fill the hole and facilitate the growth of new vegetation.


We also offer replanting services, ranging from grass seeding and plants to installing new hedges and trees.

What's Included in our Stump Removal Service?


What happens after stump grinding?

When your tree has been removed, have you considered what to put in its place? Our team at YOUR BUSINESS NAME provide a professional stump grinding service ensuring the tree stump and major roots are removed leaving you with an unobstructed site allowing you to re-turf, replant or redesign your yard. We can also provide advice and guidance on tree species options for you to replant based on your location, climate and desires for future success of tree health and beauty .


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